Track Day Is Better Than Any Day Of The Week

Track? What comes to mind when you hear that word? For me, I see paddocks filled with cars of all kinds of makes and models lined up to be one with their cars. The cars that you see here are so diverse that any car enthusiast in the spectrum would appreciate. To continue, the sense of diversity not only applies to the genres of vehicles attending, but also the way they are built for its functionality. For every fresh off the showroom floor 'track' ready vehicle, there is a built project track car that is equally inspiring; And for every mainstream racing event there is a local track event for simple folks like us that just wants to fill that void.

Ah, the Ford Mustangs, a common staple in the Texas track scene. Their strong presence at the this event disprove all the stigma as these Shelby Gt350 terrorize the track.

Boost weather? As a Houstonian, we cherish cool days like these. This fellow track junkie with his boosted S550 sure did take advantage of it despite getting warmer later that day. Hearing it out there in the track is intoxicating! Even while cruising at low speeds, it sounds like a fighter jet ready to take off.

As the day passed, the Texas heat creeps in. Driving on the track in this heat is exhausting for both drivers and their cars but who cares right? It's all about having fun whether it be about getting your new personal best lap time or just hanging out with your crew. Furthermore, I get to chill (no pun intended) with my track buddies while I let the car cool down between sessions.

Enough with Houston's 4 seasons in one day. Lets move on to another great American muscle. Behold the ZL1 1LE, a certified track machine that wasted no time to stretch its legs for the first time per the owner. We are honored to be this car's first shakedown event!

Moving on from the American Muscles, BMW always had a strong representation with any local track event. It is considered "the Ultimate Driving Machine." Some may argue, but what is life without politics? I mean, just look at that beautiful 1M...

The great thing about track days is that while it is really rewarding to drive as fast as you can or post a new personal best lap time, it's all about the vibe and camaraderie. Different cars and different people that come together for one purpose. I mean what's not to like about having like-minded people surrounded by amazing machines? A second family perhaps? Speaking of family, a father and son duo came out to join us! A C7 Grandsport and a M3 Coupe duo! A bond that's undoubtedly potent!

Motor Speedway Resort Houston, or MSR, is considered as the home-track for us Houstonians. Its 17 turn, 2.38 mile road course is perfect for any driver that wants to hone their driving skills. In the mix of high performance RWD cars, this Scion FRS driver had no problem chasing them around the course!

Porsches! I can write a book about these cars! What is a track event without Porsches? From street/daily driven to gutted out race cars, these are a common scenery in these events. 'Luxurious' cars that provided plenty of that sweet flat 6 sound throughout the day.

A common misconception I hear from people that have not 'tracked' is that they feel their car is inadequate. They think they need to modify a lot of things to make their car ready for the track. But honestly, one would never know what their car needs unless they try and push its limits. The track will be the safest place for any driver to test their cars. So go ahead and take that plunge! Trust me, you're not going to drown! Kudos to this C63 AMG driver for taking luxury to do business at the track!

Another eye-candy was this EG hatchback Civic. Even though it rocks a minimalist look, that TRD grey is definitely eye catching. In this day and age, I barely see any performance Civic on the street. Although this is still street driven, it had no problem being at home at the track.

It was hard to miss this Japanese legend. While most dreamed of becoming the king of the mountain, this guy is living the Initial D dream at the track. *Insert Takumi being proud* "Don't stop the music" OST See what I did there?

Sure it could have been better if I took some track action shots, but I also tracked at the event. Whether I'm behind my lense or behind my steering wheel, a track day is better than any day of the week.

'Til next time! Catch you at the grid! Stay Shifted!

Mike MCBeard

Instagram: @997.2_maxkata


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