Elk Dogs and Cars

Pre-Wekfest Meet hosted by Mayday Garage. A car meet that happens in a centralize location ( Moon Tower Inn) versus a shopping center parking lot. A car meet that has gain popularity and a following each year for its uniqueness. A car meet that has no expectations but only your own. Finally, a car meet that requires an adventure navigating the best route to take for the meet. What I mean by that is driving through the most savages roads Houston has to offer.....

Notice the foam (windshield/headlight washer) underneath that front Porsche? Yea, Houston's un-ruling roads cause that....luckily it wasn't the radiator lines that got punctured. This was my first Mayday Meet, and it sure made an impression. This happens once year at this location called Moon Tower Inn that serves the best Elk Hotdogs and craft beers to your likings. An annual meeting that keeps gaining a great reputation for the car scene in Houston. This is not your typical parking lot, gas station car meet....This meet has a purpose.

It is catered to all kind of cars/build that best suited your personality....but the vibe that I got from this meet is more of a JDM Vintage feel. From RX7s, R32s, to Hachi-Rokus! All beautiful cars that made this event more enticing. Cars that you don't see often out in the streets or in many meets. It's no 'Ferrari' but it gives you that same feeling when you see one out in the 'wild'. And this meet has plenty to look at...It is amazing how peoples' imagination can be shown to what car they bring. I respect all builds...from stance hardparking, HP monster, to track king builds...all these cars requires passion. A passion we all have and share for our love of the car scene world....and Houston has plenty of that!

Since this was a Pre-Wekfest Meet, most of the cars that showed up are participating in the Wekfest show the next day...this was a preview of a great car show event. There was so many attendance that 3-4 blocks of that street was filled with cars and people walking around. I was exhausted just taking pics in one block, that I didn't dare to walk on the other blocks. The setting has that industrial/city feel to it so it made the location more desirable to capture the perfect 'shot.'

You can literally just stand on side of the street and just watched all the unique cars that drove through. This doesn't mean you can act/show-off recklessly. There was plenty of cops that drove back and forth these streets...I didn't get a chance to take a pic, but there was a car that did a burn out...its all fun and games but this kind of act ruins car meets for me. No need to show-off, rev your cars, etc...just be there to enjoy the cars and act civil.

Regardless, this was an amazing meet! I had my own expectations before coming, and it exceeded that. I was able to meet new people, eat good food, and drink some amazing craft beer....all in one meet!

All in all, I had a great time and will go again next year. I suggest you do the same if you haven't had the chance to go. You don't need to bring a fancy car....just show up, eat and drink...enjoy the scenery!

Author and Photography :Mike MCBeard

Instagram: @997.2_maxkata


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