Caffeine & Octane: Philippines Edition

Location: Bonifiacio Global Cities, Taguig, Philippines Event: Cars & Coffee

Date: November 25, 2017

Cars & Coffee, an event that is very commonly held in the USA, where more commonly older generations of car enthusiasts meet together and bring out their prized cars. These cars usually only come out on the weekends due to them being very rare, low mileage, or even simply a collectors edition. Nowadays, all types of generations show up for these usually early morning events to show off their vehicles that have been mildly modified, restored, or even a persons pride and joy.

In this case, I traveled to the Philippines for a family visit for my Grandmother but was also able to squeeze in time for cars (because who doesn't want to have time for cars). After I had spent almost 22 hours on different planes travelling to arrive in another country, I felt that the first thing I'd do is unwind and check out some cars of the Philippines after visiting with my family. I hit up my friend, Gil, an army reserve from the USA that currently resides very close to the location of the event. He is also a car enthusiast and will show you later his very nice VIP build.

The Nissan Z series is one of the most common two door sports coupes you'd see in USA and also becoming one of the more affordable ones. But for this country, that is not the case. After speaking with the owners of these following Z's, the prices are shocking to hear because these are not sold commonly and must be imported. It will cost almost 3.4 Million Pesos to have a Nissan 370Z Nismo to be brought in. That is the equivalent to almost $70,000 USD which is quite outrageous in my opinion. But these owners knew what they want and they brought it in. Enjoy the shots of the cars that were surprising to me to see overseas.

Z Club Members arrive for the event with a surprise R34 at the end.

They take no cost cutting here and use REAL parts on their cars. This is not very common in the Philippines. It's nice to see Volks and Rays wheels that are not reps.

Check out the 6 Piston Brembo Brakes on this Nismo.

A wild R34 appears!

And now we roll out and they part ways to make an Alabang run. Similar to USA's Mexico run.

And now we roll off to the next location called Burgos Circle for the rest of the variety of cars.

We arrive and meet up with my friend, Kevin Carlos. He is seen with the Porsche Carrera Shop Car. Kevin is the shop manager for CarPornRacing, a prestigious car modification shop in Manila owned by Angie Mead King. He also runs the group & enthusiast brand, Stance Pilipinas/Manila Fitted. Later during my trip, he invites me to the Manila Auto Salon, I will have a separate blog post for that.

Two classic Porsches.

An even older classic Porsche.

After we check out all the nice newer exotics, Gil and I grab some breakfast at Pancake House. A great IHOP type place based out of the Phlippines, food is great, I highly recommend it. Following that, We did a photoshoot of his VIP Honda Civic. This car hits home for me because my personal vehicle is a VIP build as well and it was shocking seeing one built out here.

Bagged cars over there are starting to become more and more popular. But this Civic took it a step further than just bags. He had a custom wrap job done, imported VIP modular wheels from the USA, custom air suspension to fit his car, and also VIP curtains, tables, and all the VIP accessories you'd normally see in a VIP build. All of these parts mainly from Vip'd out and Junction Produce. I wasn't able to get too much more information as time was limited, but for now enjoy the car. I plan to have an official feature of his car in the future.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. I will have more of the Philippines car scene in my next blog about my trip.

Author and Photography: crispy|fotos

Instagram: @djchris713

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