Have you ever wondered how to avoid damaging your vehicle's paint from road debris? One of the main issues during a track day are rocks chipping off the top coat and leaving your vehicle with an unsightly two-tone paint job. We, at Driven x Blessed have a solution! 

We offer a temporary track day paint protection film that is clear and applies in just a few minutes and removes in seconds after your full day at the track. Our film protects your car from harmful rock chips, track debris and all the other grit and grime your car's paint endures on the track. Once our film is removed, it leaves your paint just as it was before your track day.

See below for some our our key benefits and features of our product:

  • Clear temporary protective film designed for track days

  • Proprietary adhesive allowing for easy pressure application and smooth quiet removal

  • 4 mil thickness, ideal for intended protection, clarity and work-ability in tough edges 

  • UV Inhibitor

  • Convenient sizes

  • Custom sizes and bulk opportunities available 

Not only will it protect your paint on the track, but it is also perfect for use off the track as well! Going on a road trip? Apply the film on areas of your vehicle that are prone to debris and have your peace of mind knowing you don't have to deal with paint correction or touch-ups!

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